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Bug with wait for (1-2 % occurrence rate) linked to query XML and InfoPath

Question asked by patricko on Apr 28, 2016

Hi everyone,


I'm having an akward bug.

It's a workflow running based on an InfoPath template.

At this station a delegator should write a Person into a Person picker in the InfoPath form and afterwards the workflow continues.

Since the document isn't linked to the library the field isn't connected to a column a "wait for" isn't possible.


I made a Workaround doing this:

1. Looping until the field "BANFer" (the Person to which it is delegated to) isn't empty

2. Pick up the modified date and save it to a variable.

3. Wait for the modified date in the library to not equal the the variable anymore.

4. Query XML: Look up the field in the template for the person and save the content into a variable.

5. Write the content of the variable to the field "BANFer".




See attached screenshot for further Information.

What is it supposed to do? Everytime the item is saved, the modified date changes and it checks if a person is written in the field on the template. If no person is written down wait until the modified date changes again.

This works in 99% of all cases.


Currently 240 instances of the workflow went through with bugs on 117 and 220, 3 weeks apart.


Both Errors happend at the same station:



And both had the same error message:

21.04.2016 15:19ErrorDas Element konnte vom Workflow nicht aktualisiert werden, möglicherweise weil mindestens eine Spalte des Elements einen anderen Informationstyp erfordert.Unbekannter Fehler.


(Translation from me: The element couldn't be changed by the workflow, possibly due to at least one column needing a different Information type.)


Anyone any idea why this error happens or an idea how to get around it?