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Nintex Form stuck on 'Loading' in Web Part

Question asked by mverw on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by spothire475

Hi there!


Since a week or two (since the update of Nintex Forms on Office 365(?)), my customers experience a problem while using the Nintex List Forms Online Web Part. When using this Web Part to show a Nintex Form on a page, it keeps showing the 'Loading' icon. When I try to open the form via the List itself, it opens right away. In some cases, after a Form has been opened through the List, the form is also shown via the Nintex List Forms Online Web Part. When I close the browser and I open the page that includes the Nintex List Forms Online Web Part, it keeps 'Loading'.


To me, it looks like a caching-thing that is caused by the latest version of the Nintex Forms app. I've tried to add both * and in the Trusted Sites, but that had no positive effect.


Thanks in advance!


- Michel Verwijmeren