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Trapping error importing a person field in Nintex Workflow

Question asked by stempb on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by stempb

I am trying to import "login IDs" from an Oracle table.   These aren't actual SharePoint login IDs, rather a 7 character string that we use for all types of systems throughout the company.


So I used this method found here Error Creating an Item with a Person/Group Field in Nintex Workflow | TechRhodes, to import the login ID into a person field.  I am using the Create Item action to set the fields on my list.


For the most part it works great.    But I eventually get the error:


The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information.


I suspect either the login ID is blank or is invalid as far as SharePoint is concerned.  I am still trying to narrow down the offending record but it is proving difficult.   While I am logging each and every login ID, it seems the error is being thrown before all of my updates are updated in the log so I don't know what record is causing the error.    This is a huge handicap in troubleshooting.   Is there anyway to get the log to update as I write to it?


The bigger question is how to trap this error in a Nintex workflow?   I am bound to have bad data from time to time and I should be able to log it, notify someone or whatever but then allow the workflow to continue.    I checked the Create Item action and there seems to be no properties that allow me to trap this error.    How do I trap the error and keep my workflow running?   Is there a way???