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Lookup field in a new xslx document and alternative form

Question asked by s.loudiyi on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by s.loudiyi

Hello people !

So I have a Library Document (the same that was in my precedent question ^^") and the option of creating a new document with a Template. But when creating it, the user must enter some property for the element in excel. And one of these are a multi-choice lookup with more than 100 items.

(This a test and not the real lookup, but it's similar)

The little problem is that in excel, it's reaaaaaaaaally long to scroll this field (there's no thumb on the scrollbar and there's only two item displayed at the same time), and it's going to have some item add in there in the futur, so it will grow bigger and longer.

So here's my question : Is it possible to change the format of that field (add thumb and all), or simply not add the property directly with excel, but on a Nintex Form after (or before) completing the document(of course, the user should not have to open manually the form, it should open automatically before or after completing the document, like when the document is upload and not created)? If either aren't possible, do you have some advice to make scrolling in this field less painfull ?

It will not be possible to not use this field or made it smaller by the way