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Using Nintex Form Runtime Lookup Function to populate a textbox

Question asked by john.luangci on Jul 29, 2014
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I've currently got a requirement to populate some editable controls in the form with a value based on the result of a lookup to another list.


The runtime lookup function is great for displaying information from another list based on values from other controls in the form. Is there any way we can put this information into a textbox for example? e.g. When a user selects a department lookup, the form will look at a list containing approvers and get the person associated with the selected department and populate a person control.


The only approach that I can see working at the moment is through JavaScript.


Option 1: Somehow leverage the runtime lookup function and use JavaScript to populate another textbox control

I've had a look at the Calculated Value control and noticed that you can put a client ID JavaScript variable name. However there isn't any way to kick start a function once the Calculated Value recalculates and have that update a textbox on the form.


Option 2: Perform the list query and population of textbox control in Javascript


Would appreciate any inputs or suggestions in meeting this requirement. Thanks in advance.