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Combine lookup function with formula: calculated value plus 1

Question asked by yvette on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by fccrous

The problem:

In a list titled "PHB lijst" every newly created item needs to be registered with an index number. This index number is based on the index number of the last item that was added to the list increased by 1. Would it be possible to lookup the last item that was added to this list and then calculate this value plus 1?


The solution so far - for lack of having found a solution in Nintex Forms:

When adding a new item to the list "PHB lijst", the index number is added on the form to the field named "Nummer" as a lookup (calculated value control) from another list. This list is named "Index" and data for this list consists of the continuously updated index number that is being generated in a workflow.

This workflow is added to the list "PHB lijst" and consists of the actions math operation and update item.

The math operation does a list lookup for the current item of the list "PHB lijst", for the field named "Nummer" (index number), plus: value 1, stored in a variable named "num_Volgnummer" (index number).

Update item writes this variable to the field "Volgnummer" (index number) on the list "Index".


Index List:


Math Operation:



Update Item:



This solution works just fine but I was wondering if I might have overlooked simpler functionality available in Nintex Forms? So that no additional list and workflow are needed?


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