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Query Excel Services - "Object moved to here" error

Question asked by on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by philipplucas


I am brand new to Nintex and I am coming at it from the perspective of a user. I don't have any access to the SharePoint server or to any of the configuration settings for Nintex. I'm hoping I can resolve this problem without resorting to contacting higher level tech support inside our company.


I am setting up a Leave Calendar on a SharePoint site and am configuring it to send approval requests to the initiators manager. The tutorial I found on YouTube (Building a Leave Request Solution from A to Z - YouTube) uses Active Directory to find the initiator's manager. However, our company does not have manager information saved in AD. So, as an alternative, I was going to put the information into an Excel spreadsheet and use the Nintex "Query Excel Services" action to get to that data.


When I go into the Query Excel Services action and click the "Run Now" button at the top, I get a chance to test the action. I click the "Test Connection" button and the results show "OK". However, when I click the "Execute" arrow at the top left, I get an error message that says:


The execution returned an unexpected error.

The request failed with the error message:

Object moved to here.



The word "here" is a link to "/_layouts/SMT_SiteManagementTool/UsePermissionConfirm.aspx?acc=" and then the URL of the SharePoint site's ExcelService.asmx file. That's the same URL as in the "URL" parameter that worked when I clicked "Test Connection".




I'm trying to figure out what might be causing this issue. Any ideas?