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How to Query LDAP in Nintex for O365

Question asked by noahdj on Apr 25, 2016
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One of our sites was recently upgraded to SharePoint O365 and the Nintex for O365.


Upon going into the multiple workflows we have in place on the site, we have discovered that the Query LDAP option is no longer available (at least not under that name).


This is a HUGE issue for us as we rely heavily on several LDAP queries within Nintex for a great deal of the functionality for the site.


If the Query LDAP module is no longer a available, can someone point me in the direction of the new way to carry out such a function? A number of our workflows are essentially dead in the water until we can get this resolved.


Our LDAP query searches based on EmployeeNumber so it isn't the standard e-mail or username query that one would typically see.


Any assistance would be tremendously appreciated!