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"if file is of a specific type" can I detect a document set? Nintex 2013 On Prem.

Question asked by cwilchowy on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by cwilchowy

I have a workflow that runs on a library with document sets. The workflow runs on all items in the lib (doc set, and all files within).

I'm using a conditional statement action to separate which actions get applied to which files. Trying to isolate just the document set. Any thoughts or answers?


I had tested a solution using "file size is between" and went with a low limit of 1K, and very large. Works well sifting out other files, but errors on the document set. I realize that was a quick and imperfect solution. Can I use "if file is a specific type"? Anyone know a doc set file type value that Nintex workflow will recognize?