Problem- Two instances of workflow running on same item

Discussion created by prasanna on Apr 25, 2016
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Recently I encountered with a problem by using Nintex workflows.

Created a sample workflow that will run on either Item added or modified in specific list

Steps I have followed:

1. Used Parallel actions. In one branch I used assign a flexi task action for approval process and in another branch I used "waiting for an update" action.

2. After approval process my intention is to update item(in my case I am updating status field value to approved).

3. In waiting for an update I am waiting for Status field to be updated with "approved" value.

4. I published and got the mail to approve/reject.

5. Without responding I made some changes to workflow(for example added log to history) and re-published.

6. Now I responded to the mail that I have received earlier by approving.

7. Here comes the problem " Two instances of workflow running on same item". I got a mail to approve/reject again.


Please suggest me how to solve this problem.