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Retrieve data in a column, to update another column

Question asked by guillaume64 on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by philipplucas

Hi guys !


I really love the work you're doing here, so I think that I found the right place to ask my questions.

First of all, you've to know that i'm not a native English speaker, so... i'm sorry if you can't understand me sometimes. However, i'll try to be as clear as possible about my problem.


The initial situation:

I've created a list on Sharepoint called "Demandes" (it's like a "Request" in English). In this list, I've a lot of informations in a lot of columns, but the one that I want to focus on are called "Matériel(s) Demandé(s)" ( = "Requested equipment ?) (1) and "Matériel à Valider" ( = Equipment to validate ) (2).

They are both of the type "Research" (you know, the type that give you available choices based on another list from your sharepoint website) and linked to the a list called "Liste du matériel".


My problem:

I want to initialize the information in the "Equipment to validate" column with the information contained in the "requested Equipment". In fact, the column "material to validate" is fulfilled by the average user that will add an item to the list "Demandes". But the second column will be modified by a specific user later in my workflow.


What i've tried so far...:


- "Query list" Demande, "Field" (1) => Save that in a variable => "Update element" (2) with that variable : error

- " Update element " (2) with the field "Is Equal to" (1) : error

- " Define the value of a field " => (2) "Is Equal to" (1) : error


My WF always come back with the same error : "The workflow could not update the item, because it is possible that the columns for this item requires a different type of information" !


But as I said before, they are both of the same type... !


Do you have a solution for me ?