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Set Permissions action not resolving deleted AD accounts

Question asked by ramidaoud on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by ramidaoud

Hi everyone,


I have a workflow that includes a "set permission" action which changes the permission of the person who filled out a form. The username is picked up from the "Created By" field. I use this system generated field rather than a people picker field on the form, because it guarantees that it's the same user which submitted the form.


There's a scenario where the following occurs:

1. An employee fills out the form

2. The employee leaves the company

3. The AD account is deleted

4. The workflow reaches the "set permission" after point 3 above

5. The workflow tries to set permission on an AD user that does not exist, so it errors out.


Is this a bug in Nintex workflows or is that normal behaviour for it? I've tried this on Workflows 2013 and Workflows 2007 with the same issue.

Shouldn't the set permissions task skip an AD user account if it can't resolve it?


I've been advised that:

a. I must use the "Created By" field

b. The AD accounts on ex-employees must be deleted.


Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.