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Drawloop only part of field is merged into Word Doc

Question asked by on Apr 20, 2016
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When I use conditional logic in Word to merge a Salesforce Text field, only the second word of a multiple word text field appears.  If I just use the field code, all of the data in that field is merged.  Examples of what is happening:


Using Conditional Logic:

{If <<Client_Full_Name>> = "" "" "<<Client_Full_Name>>" \*MERGEFORMAT }

Input: "John Smith"   Result: "Smith"

Input: "John Michael Smith"  Result: "Michael"


Using Field Tagger to Paste Field:


Input: "John Smith"  Result: "John Smith"

Input: "John Michael Smith"  Result: "John Michael Smith"


I have tested it with different fields and different document templates and the results all follow the same pattern.  What I am missing? !