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Form issue after NewForm.aspx customization or Replacement

Question asked by romain_sosp on Apr 20, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing an issue on a Sharepoint 2013 farm with nintex. I have a list on wich the default NewForm.aspx creation form has been previously edited via SharePoint Designer.

On that list, I can't display a Creation form created with Nintex Forms, it's the default NewForm.aspx that is Displayed.

I'm reproduicing this on another Farm doing this operations :

  1. List Creation
  2. Form creation via Nintex Forms =>Everything works fine
  3. Via SharePoint Designer, creation of another Creation Form (NewForm2.aspx), set as default creation form
  4. Deletion of the default NewForm.aspx

From this point I can't make the nintex forms appeard I've already tried this operations :

  • Republishing the nintex Forms
  • Delettion and re-creation then republishing of a new nintex Forms

Nothing Change, it's the SharePoint item Creation Form (NewForm2.aspx) that is displayed, with the Default style.


From this point, How can I make my nintex Form works?

Thanks in advance.