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Workflow is running twice on New Item

Question asked by mdichiara on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by mdichiara

I have a fairly simple workflow that runs on New items
only.  On the form, the user can select
from 3 buttons when they are done filling it out.  2 of the buttons are Save and Submit, but
depending on which one they choose, a different email is sent out.  The problem is the workflow is running twice
if the first button is selected, but not if the second one is.  The workflows are run literally within
seconds of each other.  It should NEVER
run twice as it is set to ONLY run on NEW items.  I cannot figure out what is causing
this.  The 2 submit buttons return a
value back to the form that the workflow uses.
Looking at the verbose logging, I did see that the Workflow Instance ID
is different for each one – not sure if that is important or not.  Any ideas what would cause this?