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Getting Person/Group information to another list via XML and Web Service

Question asked by jasonhough75 on Apr 19, 2016
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I have created an UDA with a web service in which works fine when updating lists with information.

The XML I added for one updates Persons / Groups from a field name and it sends this XML to the web service. Everything works fine in my XML besides it does not populate the person / group type field. Is there anything I need to add in the XML that will make the person/groups work.


THis is my XML:


<Batch OnError="Continue"   >
   <Method ID="1" Cmd="New">
      <Field Name="ID">New</Field>
      <Field Name="Title">{WorkflowVariable:Approvers Task ID Var}</Field>    
<Field Name="Project_x0020_Type">{ItemProperty:Ideation_x0020_Type}</Field>
     <Field Name="Project_x0020_Number">{ItemProperty:Site_x0020_Prefix}{ItemProperty:ID}</Field> 
<Field Name="Project">{WorkflowVariable:Assessment URL Var}</Field>
     <Field Name="Project_x0020_Title">{WorkflowVariable:Assessment URL Var}</Field>
<Field Name="Project_x0020_Manager">{ItemProperty:Project_x0020_Manager}</Field>
<Field Name="Project_x0020_Owner">{ItemProperty:Project_x0020_Owner}</Field>
<Field Name="Project_x0020_Sponsor">{ItemProperty:Project_x0020_Sponsor}</Field>




It all works besides Project Manager / Project Owner / Project Sponsor at the bottom. They are person/group type in the source and also person/group in the destination.


Any help would be brilliant.