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Some LazyApproval terms are not interperted

Question asked by dan.white on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by dan.white

I have LazyApproval working if I use one of the predefined terms like "yes", "no", or "approved", but it only works for some of the custom phrases I've added in Central Admin LazyApproval Settings. One phrase, "further review is required" that was added months ago is working, but new phrases added in the last week are not working. I have waited much longer than the 30 minutes that it says it might take to take effect. I have also done an IISRESET on the WFE and then on the App server (where Central Admin is), but the phrases are still rejected with the return email saying, "Your response was not able to be interpreted. Please try again with a clear indication of your chosen outcome."


Is there some other cache that needs to be reset for new terms to be accepted?