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Text into Multiple Choice Lookup Column

Question asked by irebout on Apr 15, 2016
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Allright here it is I have a list we will call this Level2.  In Level 2 there is a lookup to Level1 (States) so that list crashes, or people delete items they shouldn't be deleting.  I have however saved the text in a single line of text column (StateBackup) in which the user selected WA, OR, and CA so in the text column I get WA; OR; CA


NOTICE NO IDs this is because in the new Level1 (StatesFix) list I built the values are different, while WA may have an id value in states of 33 it has an id vales in Level1 (StatesFix) of 50. 


In the Level 2 List I have now attached the StatesFix list as a lookup.  I have the data saved still in the StateBackup column, how do I know write that to the StatesFix multiple selection column?