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Force users to delegate group tasks

Question asked by rszabo on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by rszabo

I'd like to force users to delegate a task (which were assigned to a group they are in) to themselves.

My main problem with group tasks are that when it's assigned to a group:

- 2 or more group members can open end start to edit it

- In the WF history and during the workflow it's harder to use the Last task Respondent because it will be the Group name... I know I can use the "Last Task Resp. display name", but it's just a workaround.


So the idea is to come up with a general solution  for this like:

-If the current user != task assignee --> Form should be like it's in display mode or everything is disabled


Do you have/know a  short JS or any other solution for this?


Thanks in advance!