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Query XML Action is returning blank

Question asked by davidlozzi on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2018 by kalpesh.vaghela

Hi there,


I'm using the call web service against usergroup.aspx, retrieving GetUserCollectionFromSite. This returns a large XML doc, about 3300 lines. I then query this using a user's ID, like //Users/User[@ID={WorkflowVariable:currentId}]/@LoginName. Prior to querying, I replace the xmlns declaration in the XML with blank to streamline it.


When I run it in the action, manually pasting in the XML, it works, I get the login name. When the workflow runs through on the item automatically, it doesn't, it returns blank.


I've logged out the XML (the fisrt 255 characters;) and I see that the XML node does in fact have the xmlns removed. I've copied the entire XML into notepad and confirmed the user ID I'm using is there. Any ideas why this isn't returning?