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Update Item action that is trying to complete the status of a Workflow Task gives workflow error

Question asked by bfaris on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by amolvaidya

We are trying to run Parallel Actions; one that sends a Request Approval notification to the responsible party, and another that waits 48 hours, and if the Request Approval has not been completed, it marks it as Approved and continues with the workflow.  However, when we add the Update Item action that looks for the Title of the Workflow Task in question and tries to mark the Status field as Completed, it gives the generic "An error has occurred in <name of workflow>".


I am new to Nintex and SharePoint workflows in general, is there a way to find out more information on what is causing this?  Has anyone seen this before?  Is there a more efficient way to try to enforce an auto-approval of a task other than using the Run Parallel Actions item and calculating a designated amount of time?  Please let me know if you need additional information to help explain the issue.