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Dynamically Create href tag in workflow

Question asked by burkslm on Apr 14, 2016
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I am creating an href tag in a Nintex workflow. In it, I need to display the display name. I don't want the messy url to display. It looks correct. Once I put this in a string variable in Nintex, I set a hyperlink column in SharePoint with this value. However, the entire string is displayed including the href syntax. I used the BuildString action which looks like this:


<a href="{Common:weburl}/Pages/Article.aspx?ID={ItemProperty:ID}">{ItemProperty:Title}</a>


Now if I simply made this a link without the href and display name, the entire string would display and I would be able to click on it and it would take me where I want to go. But the way it is above, it does not work and does not display properly. Is there any other way I can populate the Display property of the link field in SharePoint dynamically in the workflow?