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fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Task Team") not working in Nintex Forms 0365

Question asked by artigr on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by christopheraucq

I am trying to enable a multi-line text field only when members from the specific 'Task Team' (example name) access the form. For anyone else accessing the form, the field should stay visible but disabled.


To set this up, I created a multi-line text field, and set the 'Enabled' field to the expression: fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Task Team"). I also added a single-line text field and set the default value to the expression above.



However, every time I launch a new form, the single-line text field is recognizing that I'm a member of the group but the multi-line text field stays disabled.



Are there any other settings I need to enable? Am I using the expression incorrectly? I tested this expression in the 'Visible' field as well, with the same results - it hides the field despite me being in the member group.