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Conditionally controlling Tables to be included in output

Question asked by pgbcld on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by pgbcld

Based on the DrawLOOP docs and this question I've managed to get some simple conditional formatting applied to my output document (Word doc). 


I'd like to go another step.  Is it possible to create dynamic tables based on conditionals?  For instance I have two Project types: A and B.  Can I use DrawLOOP to pull info from certain fields and display it one type of table if current project is type A but create a different looking table (with different content pulled from SFDC) if project is of type B? 


I'm fairly new to DrawLOOP but the way I understand the condition formatting applied in the link above, this process is happening in Word.  To continue this way would require creating both tables in the output doc and rely on Word to display one or the other.  Can an entire table be wrapped in this kind of conditional?  Seems to me this should be handled at the document creation step- only create the table of interest based on info from SalesForce.


So two questions, do I understand the process correctly, and is the a way to handle conditionally including tables constructed from SFDC data?


Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks