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Nintex forms 2013 how to remove contents of a cell

Question asked by chrissnc on Apr 13, 2016
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Currently I have a repeating table with lookups to other lists.   On occasion someone may need to manually enter a value that does not exist in the drop down list.   Currently I added an entry called "AddNew" and a rule that opens up an addition single line of text that allows the user to then enter the value.   I then used a calculated column to capture the value of these two particular cells that way I can easily parse the xml in the workflow later.


For example  "lookup1" is my field which refers to another list.   If lookup1=AddNew then I show the "manual1" field on my repeating section.   Then I have a calculated field called "calc1" which has the formula lookup1+manual1.   Then in the workflow I grab this value from the xml among the other fields in my repeater. 


What is the easiest way to remove the AddNew value from showing in my calculated field?    I previously had a check box to open the text entry field but people kept leaving items in the drop down list and these would show in the workflow hence the change to the picking up a field from the drop down list.


Would like to add something along the lines of IF lookup1=AddNew then lookup1=" "