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Nintex Forms: Override default font family and size for INPUT into a multiline textbox

Question asked by contenu on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by scalawagd

In Nintex Forms, the multiline text box - with the form in New/input mode - by default applies internal style Paragraph with 12pt Body font size, which is way too large for my purposes. I want to set the default font family and the font size for inputting text into a particular multiline textbox on my form to Segoe UI, 8pt. I have tried adding a style entry to the form Settings (Settings/Custom CSS), as follows




font-family: Segoe UI;

font-size: 8pt;



...and I reference this .nf-mystyle in the Formatting/CSS options of the multiline textbook control instance on my form. However, that does not seem to work.


Note that my issue is with the default INPUT font family and size: I can control the formatting of the OUTPUT font (with the form in read mode) just fine, by clicking on the control in Forms Designer and simply selecting the desired font and size.


The community's assistance would be greatly appreciated.