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How do you access doc library workflows when there is no ribbon?

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2016
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If you are in First Release, SharePoint Online is offering you the ability to see the "new look" of document libraries.  When using the new look, I see no way to access the ribbon. This means I cannot access Nintex for O365. (It also means I cannot get to the Edit Library, Connect to Outlook, Connect to Office, Export to Excel, RSS Feed, Email a Link, and Most Popular Items ribbon commands...)


I understand that the new look is currently optional and you can easily click on "Return to classic SharePoint".  I'm wondering what the process for creating/editing Nintex workflows will be like when the new look is no longer optional.  When using the new look for doc libraries, does anyone know how to access and modify a Nintex for O365 workflow connected to the doc library?