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ForEach running inside a Loop - random crashing

Question asked by twhitesell on Jul 28, 2014
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I have a workflow on a Library that involves running a Loop a varying number of times depending on the original number of items in a collection (count/160 into integer variable & then +1). Within that Loop, I have a ForEach limited to running 160 times, during each run removing one collection item. After the 160 runs it exits the ForEach, runs an UpdateListItems webservice on a List within the site, resets/recalculates some variables, and reenters the loop.


The logic appears to be functioning just fine - it loops the correct number of times, runs the ForEach the correct number of times, calls the web service, and creates the items correctly. But I am getting random workflow errors popping up at different points throughout the process part way through the ForEach runs. Is there a way to trace exactly what is causing the errors?