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O365 Workflow causing issues in getting IDs from collection

Question asked by giustis5 on Apr 13, 2016
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I am using Nintex Workflow for Office 365.


I have a custom list called 'Staff List', it has a single line of text field called 'Employee ID', It also has a choice field called 'Type', the Type column contains a value of either 'Weekly' or 'Monthly'. 


I have a document library called 'eFiling', this has a lookup column called 'Employee ID' which looks up the Employee ID column from the staff list.


I am trying to build a workflow on the staff list that runs when an item is modified, it should start another workflow against each item on the document library that holds the Employee ID in the lookup column as is held in the Employee ID field on the current item in the staff list.  This sounds simple enough but is causing me serious issues.


I have started by doing a query list to query the eFiling document library and outputting the ID's of all items where the employee id's match into a collection variable.

If I then log the collection variable to the history, it works fine and the correct ID numbers are shown in the history log.

Test 1

Workflow Result simply querying list and outputting collection variable value:

It works as expected and displays the ID numbers of the correct items.



If I then do a For Each loop and for each item in the collection variable output to an Integer variable (ive also tried a number variable), the workflow errors as being unable to transform the data type.


Test 2

Workflow Result querying list then in for each loop outputting each value from collection into Integer variable:

It fails, outputs the correct IDs in the collection variable but gets stuck whilst doing the for each loop trying to output the individual ID numbers into the Integer variable.


If I use the for each loop to set a string variable for each item in the collection, the workflow completes however upon logging to history the string variable, the value is blank (NULL) and so no ID is output.


Test 3

Workflow Result querying list then in for each loop outputting each value from collection into String variable:

It works but the String values are empty/null and therefore of no use to me.


Can anyone assist as this should surely work, I have my values in my Collection, I just need to get each ID out of the collection and into its own variable so that I can run another workflow on the eFiling document library against each affected ID.