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Nintex related UnKnown job is failing daily on SP On-Prem 2013

Question asked by soni.tumu on Apr 12, 2016
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Hello Guys,


I'm seeing a weird issue on my environment in recent times. Daily around 6:20AM one job is running and is failing. If I see the running jobs screen, I can see the job name. Once it is completed, I am unable to see the job name on failed jobs page. It is just showing empty for Name column and time other details can be seen.

Suppose yesterday I have seen the job name like: nwl-queue-recycle-execute-617e4b68-ad75-4e4a-a1a1-0977b063a0a8 (I have to see running jobs screen in 6:20AM time to get the name of the job)

so if I click on this name, I can delete this job.

But today if I check the name it is like: nwl-queue-recycle-execute-8b058550-e998-4a14-9672-3e63d2fd4312


We recently upgraded to Nintex WF both DEV n PROD, I'm seeing the same issue at the same time (6:21AM)

Any one experienced this issue? How to get rid of this one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.