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Outgoing emails Nintex Workflow2010 are not received by recipients

Question asked by gerriedillen on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by fccrous


I have created a Nintex Workflow2010 in SharePoint2010 on premises with some notifications.  We are running a SMTP-service on our Exchange server.

Nintex puts the outgoing emails (etml files) in a folder called "drop", but they are not picked up by the service and so, they are not being sent.

Is there a way to configure that the outgoing emails are dropped in the "pick up" folder of the service?

Because, I noticed that when I manually drag the files from the drop to the pick up folder, in that case I receive the notifications, so the emails are being sent.

Have anyone encountered this problem?  And how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!