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Making field required/visible on form based on two values of drop down list

Question asked by happc on Apr 10, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by fccrous

I want to limit the visibility of a form panel. The panel should only be visible when a value of a drop down in the list is equal to either one of two choices: "RM"or "DM". My Named Control is called DocMngtType. This is the formula I am using in the xx rule:

DocMngtType!= 'RM' || DocMngtType != 'DM'


If I only include the first part of the formula the panel is hidden.

DocMngtType!= 'RM'

Once I put in the second parrt of the equation, it doesn't work.


On a related note, I need to make this field required if the DocMngtType field is RM or DM.


Can anyone spot an error in my formula? Or have an idea how to make it required based on two vales chosen in a drop down list?