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Error result for LazyApproval handler: You are not permitted to respond to this task.

Question asked by dan.white on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by dan.white

I'm using SharePoint 2013 and I have set up Lazy Approval according to the directions in the LazyApproval Guide. Incoming email is working to send mail to other mail-enabled lists. The library in question also has incoming email enabled and a workflow with a flexi-task with lazy approval enabled. The email goes out correctly. When I respond through email (from a third-party domain), it arrives at the SMTP drop folder on the SharePoint server and gets processed by SharePoint, but the workflow never continues. What I see in the ULS logs is this error:

Error result for LazyApproval handler: 'You are not permitted to respond to this task. Tasks can be delegated via the approve/reject web interface.'. (Build:3150)


According to the LazyApproval Guide, this error has the following cause: "Active Directory may have multiple entries for the email account used to reply to the

email message." The resolution is, "Remove duplicate entries from Active Directory."


I don't see duplicate entries in AD, but what is considered a duplicate? I have entries like this in AD: is a Contact is a Distribution List containing that 1 Contact


Are those considered duplicate? Is there a problem having that configuration?

When I respond to the LazyApproval task email, it goes to the DL with the simpler address. That should deliver the email to SharePoint. I see in the ULS log that an email from my domain is processed by SharePoint.


Are there other reasons for this error besides "multiple entries for the email account"?


Thanks for your suggestions.