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Item attachments missing on Nintex forms

Question asked by sjnbham on Apr 6, 2016
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After contacting Nintex Support, it appears these are known issue but not being addressed as bugs. They occur in the latest version of Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 on-prem ( as of Apr, 6, 2016.


Scenario 1

When updating a list item using PowerShell, list items disappear on Nintex forms. To replicate:

  1. create a new list
  2. create a new Nintex form
  3. attach a file to a new item in the list (the attachment shows up in the Nintex form)
  4. update the Title field of the newly created item using PowerShell (the attachment no longer shows in the Nintex form


Scenario 2

When adding a Nintex form to an existing list populated with items that include attachments, the attachments are not displayed on the Nintex form. To replicate:

  1. create a new list
  2. create a new item and attach a file to it
  3. add a new Ninitex form to the list
  4. try to view the list item attachments using the Nintex form (they're not displayed)


Anyone have a workaround for these issues?