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Event Driven Workflow calling Site Workflow failed to report progress

Question asked by jim.blain on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by sidroy

We are using an event-driven workflow in Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 to start a site workflow. this has worked fine for some time and then two weeks ago we started getting errors in the Site Workflow.

Failed to report workflow progress. Parent workflow instance 5a01c45d-5157-445d-89ab-6917dc6cee36 was not found in database WSS_NW_PROJ on server sqlps0132\s01.


I am a "functional" administrator on the system with Web Admin rights in SharePoint. We have a separate group that administer the servers themselves. In working with them, they told me the following:

There were some 15 or so SharePoint site collections (and their sites) writing to the default Nintex WF content database.  We ran the nwadmin.exe “MoveData” commandlet to isolate 1:1 map of the SharePoint content DB to its own Nintex WF content DB. This helps in a number of ways, most importantly is controlling the growth of the database (and specifically the NintexWFHistory table).


We normally isolate the SP DB and the Nintex WF DB when the SP content DB is created.  But some of the older site collections/content DB’s had not been migrated as such. Project Server was one of those.


The “MoveData” command is used to move all workflow progress data for a site collection to a selected workflow content database.  In essence, nothing about the workflow data, history, etc. changes.  The only thing that changes is where that data resides.


I asked whether the database indicated in the error message was indicating the correct server and data base name and this was their response:

Same SQL server, different database.  PWA had been writing to the NW2010DBCONTENT content WF DB on SQLPS0132\S01.  It now writes to WSS_NW_PROJ on SQLPS0132\S01:

Default WF content DB: sqlps0132\s01 / NW2010DBCONTENT
Project Server SC content DB: WSS_Content_ProjSRV2010 (sqlps0132\s01)
Project Server SC WF content DB: WSS_NW_PROJ - sqlps0132\s01


In CA, there are two Nintex Workflow management components.  One for Nintex for SharePoint and one for Nintex for Project Server.  The DB mappings are managed in the Nintex for SharePoint component.  The Nintex for Project Server displays the mappings but does not have a facility for managing them.


That being said, when I went into the Nintex for Project Server component, clicked on “database setup”, it indicated that there was a DB schema update that needed to be applied.  I went ahead and executed that so will be interesting to see if that clears up your issue or not.


Unfortunately, that has not cleared up the error.


Anyone have any ideas on what needs to be done?