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How do I filter the values in a choice column with nintex forms 2013?

Question asked by mmaybery on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by pt22848

Hey Everyone!


I am new to nintex forms and the forums so thank you in your advance for your patience.


I am currently struggling with what I hope is a simple requirement so I am turning to you for help.  I have a list with a choice column.  I have added that choice column to my nintex form and I need a way to limit the values that appear from that column on the form.  I have seen all kinds of posts about doing this with lookup columns and what not but all I need is a way to filter out existing values.


For example: My choice column is called "Fruit" and it contains values for apple, banana, pear and orange.  Even though all 4 of those values exist in the underlying sharepoint column I need to expose ONLY a few of them.  How do I format the filtering section of the nintex form control to expose only apple and orange?


At present all my meddling has resulting in showing everything...or nothing.


You help is greatly appreciated.


Yours Truly,

A Noob