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Default (help) text in a Single Line Text Box for a required column?

Question asked by yvette on Apr 6, 2016
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I'm looking for a functionality for a Single Line Text Box for a list column that requires information. On my form I want to have a help text, a short description of the required information and the request to keep the answer under 10 words, that appears in the required field and will disappear once it is clicked on so that the user can enter the requested information.


Entering a Default value means the help text is automatically shown and the form can be submitted with this standard text instead of what the user is supposed to put in. Also this default text doesn't disappear once the field is clicked on but has to be deleted first.

The same goes for entering a Null display text.

Entering a Help text means this text will only appear as a hover text.


Who can help me out? Thanks!