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Comments section in Task Form defaulting to Rich Text view, not Simple

Question asked by on Apr 5, 2016

Hoping this is a quick answer: I'm importing a form into a Task Form in Nintex Workflow for O365. Easy!


However, I need to add the Comments field into the Task Field as it wasn't included in the form template I've imported. Should be easy... but the Comments field is displaying as Rich Text, which is quite ugly and unruly on my field. To add insult to injury, the Comments field displays as a Simple Text field in the default Task Form.


Normally I'd simply go to my SharePoint List field properties and change it from Rich Text to Simple Text... but no dice for this use case.



So, what next? I tried copying and pasting the field from a different field... apparently the clipboard isn't open to different forms in the same Workflow. Any ideas how to:

  • Change the field format from Rich Text to Simple Text in the form itself?
  • Copy the correctly formatted field from one Form to Another?
  • Import the form to the Task Form without overwriting all of the contents from the original form?


I really don't care what approach I need to take. I just need to find something that works. Thanks!