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Workflow to update documents based on a list

Question asked by igorsp on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by igorsp

I have a document library with about 30K files. I also have a list with about 5K rows. Both the list and the library have a DocNo column. I need to create a (site?) workflow where all documents in the library that have a corresponding record in the list (based on DocNo) will have a column X updated. So this is how far I got:




  • I query my list and save all DocNo in a Collection variable
  • For each DocNo in the collection I look for a document in a library with the same DocNo and then I update it


Unfortunately after updating 3 items it gives me an error. I believe this is because it is not finding a document with the specific DocNo in the library. I will try to comb the logs and confirm that. If this is the case how can I skip such items instead of crashing the workflow? Any chance I can test before if the item in the library has a matching item in the list? Thanks!