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Wait for outcome of parallel flexitasks

Question asked by bsieloff on Apr 5, 2016
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I have an approval process that is set up in state machine.  There are three branches to the state machine.  In the first branch there is a single flexitask with a single person approval.


In the second branch there are two flexitasks in parallel and each flexitask can have multiple people approving.  Thus, I'm waiting for an all approve or a deny from each flexitask before changing the state and moving on in the workflow or returning back to the original state.  The requirement in this second branch is to allow for parallel approval.  If any one person on any of the flexitasks rejects then the approval must restart at the beginning.  Once the first branch approver, approves again, then the approval process only needs to be re-approved by the flexitask branch that rejected.


I'm wondering how I can wait for both branches to complete their approval process before implementing the logic that will change to the correct state.


Thanks for your help