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*Bug?* The canvas of a Nintex Forms for Office 365 based request form has an inconsequent layout which I cannot get straightened by updating any of the layout settings?

Question asked by kamp0401 on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by olampl11

On a Nintex Forms for Office 365 request form I am experiencing a strange canvas related layout problem, which I am not able to get fixed.

The request form in question has a height of: 3300 and a width of: 701. The whole form has a grey background but at the bottom of the form the layout breaks and is white. See attachment. This issue only occurs when opening the form in "New" Mode, it does not happen in "View" or "Edit" Mode and the issue is also not appearing when you are designing the form.


Can this be related to the rules to separate the new, edit & view mode?