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Cannot update my apps...

Question asked by ratchetman on Apr 5, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by chaitra.b.c

Hi guys,


I have a fairly significant problem right now... One of my site collections is not allowing me to open task forms because "The app Nintex Forms for Office 365 is out of date":

Going to the site contents at the root site collection level, I see an option to update both Forms and Workflows:

However, following either of these links just takes me to the Sharepoint store, with no option to update (just tells me I already have the app):

In the meantime, all my workflows are broken because users cannot open the task forms. This is only a problem on one of my site collections, I believe because the Nintex apps were added later to the others.


Does anyone have any idea how I can get the update?