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Workflow - responding to completed task gives error page

Question asked by leif.frederiksen on Apr 4, 2016
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Hi all,


I have a scenario where a workflow creates a flexitask and assigns it to a group of people.

All the users get the notification e-mail that has the "Click here to respond to the task" link in it:


When the first user clicks and responds to the task, the task is marked as complete - all is good.

However, when another user (or the same user as before for that matter) uses the link, she is taken to a page with an error message:


If find that quite user-unfriendly (user hostile?). Is there a way to avoid this, and get to a page that in a nicer way informs the user that the task is already completed, and maybe even show the outcome of the task?

I am aware of the "Response no longer required" setup on the Flexitask, but that is not what I am looking for. Even though somebody received such a message, it should still be possible to get to some decent place when using the link in the first e-mail.

Ideas anyone?