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How to change time zone of NintexWorkflow2010?

Question asked by rhigashi on Apr 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by rhigashi

I have a question about the setting of the following actions.
・Pause for
・Assign Flexi Task
・Task reminder

"Pause for", "Assign Flexi Task", "Task reminder" is you can set the waiting time in Reminder.

To SharePoint2010 of time zone, "UTC + 09: 00" was set up, but did not work as expected.

Japan time (UTC + 09: 00), I want to set the waiting time of the Reminder.

Please tell me how to set the time zone of NintexWorkflow.


Software Requirements:
・NintexWorkflow2010 English version
・SharePoint 2010 English version(wiht Japanese Language Pack)


Thanks in advance for the help!