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Nintex Site Workflow - URL Issue

Question asked by sanketshah_18 on Apr 3, 2016
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I’ve created site workflow which is running on top level site and going through all Announcements list on sub-sites level to retrieve value/content from Body column (which is Multiple lines of column type with Enhanced rich text option) and sending Body column value in send email workflow action.


Issue: Somehow Site workflow send email activity is changing absolute URL to a relative URL for Announcements body text, so when I received email with hyperlink it has relative URL which is broken URL without SharePoint site name.

e.g. Email has /sites/subsitename/listname/documentname URL instead of http://webappURL/sites/subsitename/listname/documentname.


Interesting thing is, if I create and run workflow on list level and use send email activity to retrieve value/content from Announcements Body column – everything works fine, I’m getting absolute URL from list workflow but site workflow is not appending web application URL to all the links inside value.


I saw someone also has similar issue like me: As suggested in post - I really don’t want to mess up with any global/default settings provided by Nintex workflow.


As a one alternative option, I’m thinking if I can write magical Regular expression which will find all anchor tags(A href) and retrieve its respective value (ie. /sites/subsitename/listname/documentname) from any given variable and append webappURL in front of its value then I can manually add missing webapplication URL to all hyperlinks from body value – again this is my thought, I don’t know whether it’s possible or not.


Any help/assistance is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


~Sanket Shah