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Linking list data to Nintex Live Form

Question asked by wlemons on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2016 by wlemons

Hi all! I'm new to Nintex (love the product so far) but I need a little help. Here's the scenario that I am trying to accomplish: Our user's will submit a request that will ask an external customer to complete a survey. After the external user completes the survey through a Live Form, the data a notification is sent back to the original user who requested the survey. Here's how I have it set up:


- Custom list that the user fills out to initiate survey request. This contains a workflow that emails the external customer a link to a Live form.

- Second custom list that stores the results of the Live form survey. This list is where the Live form is generated from. There is a workflow associated with this list to email a link to the results after its been completed.


I've managed to set all of this up successfully except for finding a way to notify the original user that the survey is complete. How would I link the original requester from the first custom list to the second custom list so that I can notify the requester? I've managed to accomplish this a few different ways but the ultimate pitfall is I can't keep the association from the original requester with the matching results. Any help would be appreciated.