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Create a document cover page with version history

Question asked by on Apr 1, 2016

I'm struggling to find a solution to this - I would like to have a document cover page with some basic information from Sharepoint (author/title etc) which works fine. However I really want an 'approved document history' table, which would look something like this (to be placed on the front cover of a word doc):


1.001-01-2016Joe BloggsFirst version to client
2.002-01-2016Darth VadarFurther information on Death start blueprints added


At first I tried to contain all the data into a single multi line field, which works great in Sharepoint, and can be added to Word - however there is a 255 character limit in the document information panel, which means that you can open the file, but you cannot save it back to sharepoint.


Does anyone have any good solution to this request please? Our approval workflow is fairly basic, it just goes to a major version and stores a comment from the initiator with date/time stamp