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Form Validation rules don't block on submit

Question asked by rszabo on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by rszabo

I'm using Validation and Formatting rules and they all working fine everywhere expect...

I encountered a very disturbing issue (with 2 separate form) with validation rules and I can't solve it.

I don't use any custom JS right now.


  • I set Validation rules for 1 or more controls (I tried both the control name and the {Self} references)
  • I tested the rules in calculated values to make sure it's correct (even with a simple isnulloremprty())
  • On Submit form the
    • SP List defined validation stops it and shows I have required files. That's fine.
    • The Validation Rules highlights the problematic field (I can see the red border, so they should work) then for some reason the Form refreshes and the red borders and error messages disappear and only the SP list defined missing required field vales are shown as errors.
    • If the required fields are filled out the from submit. The rules don't block. Data will be saved.  I need the rules for conditionally required filed)

I can't reproduce it on other forms, the but the form design is too complex (did by the business user) to simply delete the form and start again.


This "double refresh" could be the issue, but I don't  know what cause this.

Did any of you encountered similar issue?


Thanks in advance.