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Form for users to submit yes/no anwers to 100 questions

Question asked by netguydave on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by hayleea0601

I have a spreadsheet that asks Managers to answer Yes or No to about 100 questions.  The questions keep me informed if tasks are being completed daily in a retail environment, e.g. Are counters clean? Are windows clean, Are there paper towels in the bathroom, etc...  I would like make this a Nintex form.  The spreadsheet is formatted where column A is the question and Column B is Yes or No.   Pretty simple but I can't seem to translate this simple logic to a Custom List with a Nintex form.


How should this be approached?  Visually,  naming each Column Name as the question is very bad looking - it works but my Custom List is very, very wide and "ugly".     I tried using a List Lookup control (which has the questions in a seperate List) for the populate a Column named "Question" but that will force users to submitt 100 seperate times - not very user friendly.  I thought of using a repeating section with a List Lookup for the questions but it appears that you can't use a List Lookup in a repeating section.