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Getting Repeating Section Data into Document Creation

Question asked by dafty on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by marcof


One of my workflows I am trying to build revolves around extracting XML data from a Nintex Form Repeating Section and then updating a document (table) with the data.

I am getting stuck pulling and extracting the XML data in my workflow.

Currently this is what I have....


  1. Define DOCX template location
  2. Define PDF location URL
  3. Repeating Section XML > Variable : MLOT_XMLDump
  4. String : Clean up XML > MLOT_XMLDump : fn-XmlDecode({WorkflowVariable:MLOT_XMLDump})
  5. Set Index to 1
  6. Query Variable MLOT_XMLDump and store all data in a collection variable called col_Items
  7. Run  For Each
    1. Target collection = col_Items
    2. Store reult in MLOT_Items
    3. Index = Index
  8. Query each XML {WorkflowVariable:MLOT_Item} - Output each item e.g "//LineQty" using XPATH and store in variable called rpt_LineQty. I am doing this for each repeating section item (LineItem, LineCost, LineQty, LineTotal).
  9. Math operation at the end of the For each section to increase Index by 1


This is now where I am stuck. I am guessing that now I have all my Repeating Section Items stored in my variable (rpt_LineItem, rpt_LineQty,rpt_LineCost etc) but how do I then get this data updated into a document? Ideally I want to replicate the data as a table in a DOCX.

I have read through several different guides but I am getting totally confused and torn with different ways of doing this.

Am I on the right lines? If someone could help it would be appreciated


The workflow does work for basic list data and creates a new DOCX but it is the repeat section data that I am completely lost on.

I have added content controls for the repeating section variables in the "Update Document" Action...


31-03-2016 16-21-02.png



I have attached the Workflow for reference.


Thanks in advance